£10.95 with a glass of house wine, beer or soft drink.
Available for collection Monday to Friday between 12pm - 2pm.

Please note, if you order from this menu outside of these hours, your order will be cancelled.

  • Linguine Pesto (N)
    Linguine tossed in homemade basil pesto, pine nuts and wild rocket.
  • Pappardelle Pancetta
    With pancetta, roasted butternut squash, chilli and rosemary.
  • Penne Amatriciana
    Pancetta, tomato sauce, onion and garlic. Topped with Pecorino cheese, with or without chilli.
  • Risotto Ai Funghi
    Creamy mushroom risotto.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
    Rich bolognese ragù of slow braised minced beef and pork, tomatoes, wine and herbs.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
    Spaghetti with Italian pancetta in a creamy egg yolk and Parmesan sauce.
  • Tagliatelle Cotto & Piselli
    Creamy tagliatelle with ham, peas and black pepper.
  • Pizza Contadina (V)
    Sun blushed tomatoes, artichokes, red peppers, olives, courgettes, mozzarella, tomato.
  • Pizza Pomodorini & Pesto (N)
    Topped with torn buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto.
  • Pizza Prosciutto Funghi
    Ham, mushroom, mozzarella, tomato.
  • Pizza Vesuvio
    Spicy salami, red peppers, mozzarella, tomato.
  • Frittata (V)
    Mozzarella, mushroom and spinach Italian frittata. Served with mixed salad and toasted focaccia.
  • Cesare
    Classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken, crispy bacon, croutons, Parmesan shavings.
  • Insalata Della Casa (V) (N)
    Roasted butternut squash, goats cheese, pear, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, pumkin seeds and honey balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
    Grilled chicken breast, rocket, beef tomato, caramelised onions, house mayo. On toasted flat bread and served with french fries.
  • Milanese Sandwich
    Toasted flat bread with chicken Milanese, tomato sauce, lettuce, mozzarella. Served with french fries and Marie-Rose sauce.
  • Steak Sandwich
    Sliced rump, blue cheese, mushrooms, rocket, roasted peppers, caramelised, onions, house mayo. Choice of toasted flat bread or focaccia, served with french fries.
  • Verdure Sandwich
    Toasted flat bread with pesto, grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergine, rocket, beef tomato and goat's cheese. Served with french fries.



Monday - Friday 12pm - 2:30pm / 5pm - 10:30pm
Saturday 12pm - 10:30pm
Sunday 12pm - 9:30pm

  • Olive Marinate
    Olives marinated in lemon, garlic and red chilli
  • Schiacciata
    Stone baked, flat garlic bread with:
  • Trio Di Pane (V)
    A selection of rustic Italian breads, with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Summer Minestrone
    Italian vegetable and borlotti bean soup with or without (V) pancetta, served with focaccia
  • Bruschetta (N)
    Toasted ciabatta topped with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, garlic, pesto
  • Bruschetta Ai Funghi (Vegan)
    Toasted ciabatta bread topped with garlic mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Antipasto Misto
    Ideal for sharing. Selection of Italian cheeses and cured meats, toasted ciabatta, caper berries, artichokes, olives, sunblush tomatoes
  • Parma & Melone
    Parma ham, melon, rocket and buffalo mozzarella.
  • Arancini
    Crispy risotto balls filled with vegetables and mozzarella
  • Carpaccio Marinato
    Marinated beef carpaccio, rocket, Parmesan shavings. Served with horseradish dressing, caper berries and sun blushed tomatoes.
  • Taleggio Fritto
    Bread crumbed fried Taleggio cheese, served with Italian fruit chutney
  • Gamberoni
    King prawns sautéed in white wine, chilli, garlic, tomatoes, rocket and lemon zest. Served with toasted focaccia.
  • Calamari
    Fried in a light batter and served with garlic and black pepper aioli
  • Fritto Misto
    Salmon, prawns and calamari and white bait fried in a light batter and served with garlic and black pepper aioli
  • Carbonara
    Spaghetti in the classic sauce of Italian pancetta, egg yolk and Parmesan
  • Lasagne
    Oven-baked layers of pasta sheets and ragù, béchamel sauce and Parmesan
  • Linguine Gamberoni
    Linguine with prawns, garlic, chilli, tossed in tomato and white wine
  • Penne Al Pollo
    Penne with sautéed chicken, leeks and mushrooms in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce
  • Penne Giardiniera (Vegan)
    Penne with tenderstem broccoli, butternut squash, courgettes, peas, garlic
  • Polpette
    Homemade Italian meatballs, served with spaghetti in a tomato, mushroom and garlic sauce
  • Ravioloni Piselli & Menta (V)
    Large hand made round ravioli, with pea & mint filling, tossed in lemon butter sauce. Topped with fresh ricotta and rosemary breadcrumbs.
  • Spaghetti Alle Vongole
    With sautéed clams, tossed in garlic, white wine, butter and a touch of chilli
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
    Classic ragù of slow braised minced beef and pork, tomatoes, wine and herbs
  • Spaghetti Pomodoro (V)
    Classic Italian tomato sauce with fresh basil
  • Strozzapreti Pugliese
    Hand twisted pasta with Italian sausage, tenderstem broccoli, pancetta, chilli, Parmesan shavings
  • Strozzapreti Salmone
    Hand twisted pasta with smoked salmon, courgette, herb mascarpone, dill garnish
  • Tortelloni Di Melanzana (V)
    Large aubergine and ricotta tortelloni, tomato sauce, topped with fried aubergine and salted ricotta
  • Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinaci (V)
    Tortelloni with spinach and ricotta filling, served with a choice of tomato sauce or butter and sage. Topped with grated salted ricotta.

Traditionally hand made and stretched by our pizzaiolo, freshly baked in our stone pizza oven.

  • 4 Formaggi & Nduja
    White pizza with nduja, ricotta, Gorgonzola, Taleggio and mozzarella
  • Calabrese
    ‘Nduja, cured spicy sausage and mushrooms
  • Carne Mista
    Homemade meatballs, spicy Italian salami and grilled chicken
  • Contadina (V)
    Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, peppers, red onion, olives, courgette, parsley
  • Fiorentina
    Pancetta, spinach, Parmesan and egg
  • Margherita (V)
    Classic with mozzarella and home made basil and tomato sauce
  • Pizza Marinara (Vegan)
    Tomato sauce, garlic, oregano
  • Pancetta & Cipolla
    Pancetta, caramelised onions, goat’s cheese, rosemary
  • Parma & Rucola
    Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and wild rocket
  • Pomodorini & Pesto (N)
    Fresh buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto, basil
  • Rustica
    Italian sausage, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, capers, oregano
  • Salsiccia & Rucola
    Italian sausage and wild rocket
  • Vesuvio
    Italian spicy salami and roasted red peppers
  • Farcito
    Ham, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato
  • Ragu’
    Bolognese sauce, mushrooms, sausage, mozzarella and tomato
  • Risotto Marinara
    Mixed seafood and white wine
  • Risotto Pollo & Asparagi
    With chicken, asparagus, white wine, Parmesan.
  • Risotto Porcini (V)
    With wild Porcini mushrooms, topped with Parmesan shavings and truffle oil
  • Pollo Alla Toscana (N)
    Marinated grilled chicken served with Mediterranean vegetables, pine nuts and spinach. Served with roasted potatoes.
  • Pollo Milanese
    Breadcrumbed chicken breast, served with a choice of spaghetti pomodoro or rocket and Parmesan
  • Saltimbocca Di Maiale
    Pork fillet wrapped in Parma ham and sage with sautéed mushrooms and roasted potatoes
  • Tagliata Rucola & Parmigiano
    Rump steak sliced and served with rocket, Parmesan shavings, balsamic dressing
  • Branzino
    Grilled seabass fillet served with Mediterranean vegetables and basil mash
  • Salmone Con Asparagi
    Grilled salmon with asparagus, rosemary potatoes, butter and lemon sauce.
  • Spiedini Di Pesce
    Grilled seafood skewers of seabass, salmon, tiger prawns, onions, cherry tomatoes, peppers and courgettes. Served with mixed salad and salsa verde.
  • Bistecca
    Slices of grilled rump, cherry tomatoes, red onion, green beans, red peppers, mixed leaves, Dolcelatte blue cheese, vinaigrette, balsamic drizzle
  • Cesare
    Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, crispy Italian pancetta, ciabatta croutons, Parmesan shavings, creamy dressing
  • Della Casa (V)
    Roasted butternut squash, goat’s cheese, pear, seasonal leaves, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, vinaigrette
  • Pollo & Avocado (N)
    Grilled chicken, pancetta, avocado, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, spinach, honey mustard dressing
  • Broccolini
    Tenderstem broccoli with garlic and chilli
  • Fagiolini
    Green beans with garlic
  • Insalata Mista
    Leaves, cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumber, balsamic. Add fresh buffalo mozzarella £1.75
  • Patate Arrosto
    Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic
  • Patate Fritte
    Thick cut chips
  • Rucola E Parmigiano
    Rocket and Parmesan salad with balsamic dressing
  • Spinaci
    Fresh sautéed spinach with garlic
  • Verdure Grigliate
    Grilled vegetables
  • Zucchine Fritte
    Crispy courgettes
  • Amaretto Tiramisu
    Classic Italian dessert with white chocolate mascarpone cream, coffee, Amaretto liqueur and sponge fingers
  • Brownies
    Warm chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce
  • Italian Limoncello Tart
    Lemon tart with a hint of Limoncello liqueur, served with mascarpone cream
  • Pannacotta
    With vanilla seeds, served with fruit compote
  • Ricotta Cheesecake
    Baked cheesecake with strawberry sauce
  • Chardonnay Terre Del Noce, Vigneti Delle Dolomiti IGT 2018 (12%)
    Crisp, fruity Chardonnay with flavours of melon and white peach; harmonious and easy drinking.
  • Sauvignon Blanc Primisoli, Trevenezie IGT 2018 (12%)
    Very light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from the Colli Berici area near Vicenza in Veneto, North of Italy. Citrus, peach and elderberry on the nose, with a good acidity and dry finish on the palate.
  • Trebbiano Del Rubicone Ribellata, IGT 2018 (12%)
    Widely grown right across Italy, this Trebbiano grape wine is made in the north-east; immediately uplifting, dry wine with a crisp palate that displays pear and apple and a lively splash of lime zest.
  • Merlot Bresco, Veneto IGT, 2017 (12.5%)
    Smooth, easy drinking Merlot with plum and red cherry fruit, and a hint of dark chocolate on the finish.
  • Nero D’Avola Corolla , Terre Siciliane IGT 2016 (13%)
    Nero d’Avola is a grape variety native to Sicily. With its dark, ripe-berried fruit and a hint of liquorice and vanilla spice, it shows a similarity in style to Shiraz.
  • Sangiovese Rubicone Ribellata, IGT 2018 (12 %)
    Light ruby-red, the nose shows a crunchy cherry and cranberry fruit with notes of violet; dry, soft but supported by a firm raspberry backbone and taut but smooth tannins.
  • Castel Firmian, Trentino 2017 (12%)
    A fresh, invigorating nose of cut grass, elderflower and currant leaf leads to a dry, citrussy, but still quite rounded palate, a delicately mineral finish is typical Trentino-an excellent marriage of grape variety and location.
  • Gavi Di Gavi La Meirana, Broglia, Piemonte 2018 (13.5%)
    Piemonte’s most celebrated unoaked, fresh and minerally white wine. Cortese grapes grown in the south-east of the region. Texture and precision, distinctive greengage/apricot, a fine grip in the palate. Genuinely characterful Gavi.
  • Pinot Grigio Le Colline Di San Giorgio, Breganze Doc, 2017 (12 %)
    From the volcanic soils of the Breganze hills near Vicenza, this is a crisp white with invigorating citrus fruit. Honeysuckle meets pear drop notes for a dry and balanced palate.
  • Pinot Grigio Riserva, Castelfirmian, Trentino Doc, 2017 (13%)
    A complex and quite weighty style of Pinot Grigio, with notes of spice and pear. Good acidity and minerality. Ripe and round texture.
  • Soave Classico Doc Levarie , Masi , Veneto 2018 (12%)
    The traditional Garganega grape is blended with the rare Trebbiano di Soave. Unoaked. Dry with a soft acidity and a rounded pear, apples, melon, orange peel and almonds notes.
  • Vermentino Calasole Maremma Toscana Doc Rocca Di Montemassi 2018 (12.5%)
    The name Calasole means ‘’sunset’’. It is also the name of a mild breeze that sweeps through the Maremma in the late afternoon. Elegantly balanced with notes of citrus, green melon, delicate white owers and a refreshing minerality.
  • Vernaccia Di San Gimignano, Teruzzi&Puthod, Tuscany 2017 (12.5%)
    Tuscany most celebrated white DOCG. Vernaccia grapes harvested from the hillside surrounding the historic town of San Gimignano. Unoaked, it shows ripe apple fruit and peach with some oral notes and a lovely bitter twist to the finish.
  • Cipresseto Rosato Di Toscana, Villa Antinori 2017 (12%)
    One of Tuscany’s original rosés, Cipresseto shows a delightful mid-pink colour, aromas of plums and berry fruit, and an attractive crisp balance.
  • Pinot Grigio Rose’, Torre Alta, Terre Siciliane IGT, 2018 (12 %)
    From Sicily, a pale and delicate Rosé with beautiful soft strawberry flavours, nuances of nectarine and perfumed oral notes.
  • Barbera D’Asti Fiulot Docg , Prunotto, Piedmont 2014 (14%)
    Fragrant on the nose with hints of plum and cherry. On the palate it is well structured and soft, showing the typical red fruit and bright character.
  • Barolo Ricossa, Piedmont 2014 (13.5%)
    The classic red wine of Piedmont, produced from the best vineyards in the hills around the town of Barolo. Floral, smoky and intensely elegant: Barolo at its best.
  • Chianti Superiore Santa Cristina, Antinori, Tuscany 2016 (13%)
    A classic Chianti, offering aromas of red berry fruit, with vanilla and floral hints of violets. Flavoursome medium-bodied palate, fresh in structure and with a delicious balance of fruit and savoury notes.
  • Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Angelo , Abruzzo 2017 (13%)
    A super-juicy, rich, full-auvored wine with spicy, plummy fruit and masses of black cherry . Generous ripe tannins on the finish. A fine example of a superior quality wine made with this increasingly well-known Italian grape variety.
  • Neprica ( Primitivo ) Puglia IGT 2017 (14%)
    Originally born as a blend of Negramaro-Primitivo-Cabernet hence the name, over the years Tormaresca winery started to use only the indigenous grape. Red fruit, black cherry and black currant on the nose.
  • Organic Nero D’Avola Montalto, Sicilia IGT 2017 (13.5%)
    Notes of ripe red fruits, sweet spices and liquorice. The fruit flavours continue on the round, generous palate.
  • Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva, Mezzacorona, Trentino 2015 (13%)
    Complex, characteristic fragrance with a pleasant ripe fruit aroma of prunes and blackcurrant. Full-bodied and well-balanced with a soft mouthfeel.
  • Umbria Rosso (Sa Ngiovese/Colorino/Merlot), Perticaia, Umbria 2016 (13.5%)
    A deliciously juicy, fruit-forward expression of Sangiovese, with black cherry and redcurrant fruit mixed with a little peppery spice.
  • Valpolicella Classico, Masi , Veneto 2017 (12.5%)
    On the nose, there are aromas of violets, roses and mint combined with cherries and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. Well-structured, fresh and full- bodied.
  • Chablis Domaine Sainte Claire Jean-M Arc Brocard, Burgundy, France 2017 (12.5%)
    The nose is precise, pure and mineral, with additional notes of citrus. The palate is classic Chablis: structured, crisp and delicious, with flavours echoing the nose.
  • Sauvignon Blanc Mount Holdsworth, Wairarapa, New Zealand 2016 (12.5%)
    This North Island Sauvignon marries the variety’s typical zesty, grassy aroma to real texture and succulent. Green apple and passion fruit flavours turn crisp and mineral on the finish.
  • Chateauneuf-Du-Pape Domaine Du Vieux Lazaret, Rhone, France 2016 (14.5%)
    An immensely fruity nose, with spicy and balsamic notes, then great complexity on the palate: power, finesse and an incredibly long, mineral-fresh finish.
  • Inkspot (Pinotage/Shiraz/Cinsaut) Cloof, Darling, South Africa 2014 (14%)
    A wine of inky concentration, with rich plum and cassis aromas, a super-juicy feel in the mouth, and notes of spice and tobacco to add lift.
  • Rioja Crianza Conde De Valdemar, Spain 2015 (13.5%)
    Complex aromas of ripe black berries balanced with warm vanilla notes and a touch of subtle spice.
  • Shiraz Allegory, Western Australia 2015 (14%)
    Appealing aromas of black pepper, ripe plum compote, five spice powder and toasty oak. The palate is concentrated and fruit-driven, with chocolate and savoury notes adding complexity.
  • Champagne Drappier Rosé Nv (12%)
    A beautifully balanced style of rosé: elegant yet full of character. Pretty red berry aromas lead to a delicate palate of summer fruits and herbs, finishing crispy dry and refreshing.
  • Champagne Testulat, Brut Carte D’Or Nv Blanc De Noirs (12%)
    Blanc de Noirs is a white Champagne made from the juice of black-skinned grape like Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Intense and crunchy acidity, with green apple flavours and a tight, nervy texture.
  • Prosecco Doc Extra Dry, Corte Alta Nv (11%)
    A sophisticated Prosecco, with aromas of spring flowers and stone fruit, a delicate citrus quality on the palate, fine bubbles and a clean, dry finish.
  • Rotari Rosado Metodo Classico Mezzacorona Nv (12.5%)
    Elegant traditional-method rosé, showing the delicious red berry fruit of cool-climate Pinot Noir.
  • Orvieto Classico Campogrande, Antinori, Umbria, Italy 2018 (12.5%)
    Both floral and fruity notes, particularly pineapple and banana, while the palate is medium-bodied, with more fruit and round, delicate finish.
  • Valpolicella Classico Bonacosta, Masi, Veneto, Italy 2018 (12%)
    Aromas of violets, roses and mint combined with cherries and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. Well-structured, fresh and full-bodied.
  • Dindarello Maculan, Veneto, Italy 2017 (11.5%)
    And intense nose of Muscat grapes, honey and flowers leads to a vibrant palette, the sweetness balanced by freshness of flavour and a delicate mouth feel.
    Prosecco and peach juice
    Aperol, fresh mint, lemon juice, elderflower cordial, topped with Prosecco
    Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso
    Vodka, Amaretto, peach liqueur, fresh orange,cranberry juice
    White rum, fresh mint, basil, lime juice, sugar syrup, topped with Prosecco
    Gin, vermouth rosso, Campari, orange peel
    Prosecco, Aperol, soda, orange slice
  • Alcohol Free Beer 330cl
  • Morena (Brewed In Italy) 330cl
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330cl
  • Cloudy Apple Pago Fruit Juice
    100% natural ingredients 200ml
  • Coke
  • Cranberry Pago Fruit Juice
    100% natural ingredients 200ml
  • Diet Coke
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Pago Fruit Juice
    100% natural ingredients 200ml
  • Pineapple Pago Fruit Juice
    100% natural ingredients 200ml
  • Soda Water
  • Sparkling Water (Large)
  • Sparkling Water (Small)
  • Tonic Water



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